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The Great Gamble

THE GREAT GAMBLE is a book full of suspense and revelation. Uncovering the deceptive and corrupt universe of gambling and sports betting previously hidden from the eyes of fans. Can everyone be had for the right price? A novel that entertains and informs.


[This] book was relentlessly entertaining. Heart pounding. Sometimes when I didn’t want it to be. Is everybody making money from sports gambling but me? David Bluder knows a lot about sports and gambling but he knows even more about character development. It’s about ice cold international financial crimes but it’s also human people sharing human feelings and it’s so well written you can feel the weather change. The surprises are stellar. You’ll go back and reread a few chapters to see why you didn’t see everything coming. Only thing that was a little unsettling was apparently I have to figure out what all these guys do next. That’s a great book.